Kurdish Peshmerga, Iraqi forces expel ISIS from nine more villages near Mosul


Kurdish Peshmerga forces seen during anti-ISIS operations in the countryside of Mosul, northern Iraq. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Duhok Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army troops on Wednesday continued their operations against the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group in the vicinity of Iraq’s northwestern city of Mosul, and secured at least nine villages.

The Peshmerga hit ISIS positions in the eastern suburb of Mosul, using heavy artillery.

“Subsequent to fierce clashes, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces expelled ISIS from several villages in the Hamdaniya District in eastern Mosul, including the Qaraqoush Village,” a Peshmerga officer told ARA News. 

The officer added that their forces also pushed ISIS out of the Shabak-populated village of Khersbad, about 10km north of Mosul.

In the meantime, the Iraqi Central Command reported the liberation of a number of villages in the area stretching from Mosul to Bartali District, including Khizne Tebe, al-Muafaqiyah, Tawabza and Tahrawa.

Backed by the Peshmerga, the Iraqi security forces also regained the town of Qasabat Kermlis in Mosul suburb.

This comes just few days after the Kurdish Peshmerga expelled ISIS from 24 villages as part of the battle for Mosul.  

Reporting by: Ditar Haji & Raman Yousef | Source: ARA News


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