Iraqi forces discover mass grave south of Mosul


ISIS militants summarily execute civilians. File photo

ARA News

Duhok – Iraqi security forces on Monday discovered a mass grave in the town of Hamam al-Alil, southeast of Mosul. The exhumed bodies showed clear signs of torture and decapitation.

“The mass grave was found at the agricultural college in Hammam al-Alil. Islamic State had buried more than 100 people in this mass grave,” an Iraqi security officer told ARA News. The officer added that most of the jihadists’ victims had been beheaded.

Hamam al-Alil town was recaptured the Iraqi forces on Saturday, after heavy fighting with Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

The Iraqi Central Command also confirmed the grisly discovery in an official statement. “After liberating Hammam al-Alil, Iraqi forces found the bodies of 100 citizens with their heads cut off,” they said.

Activists told ARA News that since ISIS was pushed out of Hamam al-Ali, the destiny of nearly 60,000 local civilians has remained unknown. Nearby excavations may provide an appalling clue as to their fate.

Earlier on Sunday, Human Rights Watch expressed outrage after ISIS executed former security officers. A UN report said that ISIS had killed 232 people and thrown their bodies into the Tigris River, including 190 military personnel from al-Ghazlani base in Mosul.

“It appears that a day earlier many of these men and their families had been forced by ISIS from Shura and al-Qayyarah sub-Districts,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights reported. “[They] were initially taken to Hamam al-Alil, where the men were separated from the women and children.”

Reporting by: Eyaz Ciziri and Sadraddin Kino | Source: ARA News


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