Syrian Kurds inaugurate representation office in Oslo


Officials of the Rojava Self-Administration attend the opening of their representation office in Oslo on Saturday. Photo: Ilham Ehmed

ARA News

Northern Syria – Rojava (NSR) opened its Norwegian representative office on Saturday. Kurdish activists and confederalist politicians gathered in Norway’s capital to mark the occasion.

“Oslo witnessed a historical event today by hosting and supporting the leaders of the democratic self-administration in Rojava,” said Ilham Ahmed, a Kurdish official.

The diplomatic office was inaugurated, following a speech by Oslo’s Mayor, Marianne Borgen. The Co-Chairs of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Asya Abdullah and Salih Muslim, were in attendance.

NSR Foreign Relations Representative Besam İshak and Assyrian Representative Sinam Mohamad, also attended the speech. As did Aldar Xelil, a politician from the governing Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM).

After the ceremony, NSR officials took part in a televised discussion at Oslo’s city hall, the New World Assembly. Curious academics and activists bombarded Rojava’s representatives with questions, receiving detailed answers and explanation in turn.

While most of the discussion was driven by the topics of stateless democracy, democratic confederalism and the history of the Rojavan Revolution, the conversation was wide-ranging.

Norwegians heard official answers to their questions about the differing conceptions of autonomy, armed revolution, women’s rights and the role of international actors in Syria.

The NSR self-administration has opened representation offices in several European countries, including the Czech Republic, Benelux, Russia, France, and Sweden. Abdulkarim Omer, a Foreign Affairs Representative in Hasakah Governorate, explained that Rojava was seeking recognition abroad.

“The opening of the offices is very important. We want to improve the relations between Rojava’s self-administration and European states and civil organizations,” Omer previously told ARA News.

“We now have several representation offices abroad, including Sulaymaniyah, Moscow, Stockholm and Berlin,” Omer added, “We are planning to open more representation offices in the future.”


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