Germany arrests suspected Turkish spy for monitoring Kurds

German police. File photo: AAP

ARA News

German police officers arrested a suspected Turkish agent on Thursday. Federal prosecutors in Hamburg accused the 31-year-old suspect of spying on Kurdish organizations.

The purported spy had obtained information about the whereabouts, contact persons and political activities of Kurds living in Germany. He also assembled a dossier on Kurdish cultural institutions.

The information was then passed on to the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT).

The German-language newspaper Tagesschau, reported that the suspect is still being detained as the investigation is ongoing. German police have also searched his house.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly criticized Europe for not doing enough to impede the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

This is not the first time reports have emerged of active Turkish agents in Europe. In late November, German media outlets reported that the Bremen prosecutor’s office had initiated an investigation into a Turkish agent, conspiring to kill two people active in the Kurdish expat community.

One of the alleged targets was Yüksel Koc, a Kurdish activist based in Bremen. The second target was Remzi Kartal, who lives in Brussels and is the chair of the  Kurdistan People’s Congress, better known as the Kongra-Gel.

Furthermore, French investigators have found that Turkey’s intelligence services were probably involved in the murder of three Kurdish women in 2013.

The Turkish suspect, Omer Guney, is believed to have murdered Sakine Cansiz, a co-founder of the PKK, along with Fidan Dogan and Leyla Seylemez. The unfortunate women were shot at close range in a Paris cultural center.

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) in a statement in November, called on European governments, and especially Germany to do more to prevent assassinations and espionage by the Turkish government.

According to the Kurdish organization, Turkey’s government has sent agents to Europe “as part of their consulates and embassies,” to kill Kurdish activists and collect information about Kurdish organizations.

The KCDK-E called for action, saying that while Turkey’s agents “may have the status of a Consul General, an official or a clergymen, they are actually charged with spreading terrorism in Europe.”

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News 

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