Assad says Donald Trump could become a natural ally to Damascus


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (L), US President-elect Donald Trump (R). File photo

ARA News

Damascus – US President-elect Donald Trump could become a natural ally to Damascus, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday.

According to Assad, if Trump “shows he is sincere” about fighting terrorism, he can be an ally to the Syrian regime.

“If Trump can genuinely fight against terrorism, he can be our natural ally,” Assad said in an interview with the Russian state TV.

“His rhetoric during the campaign was positive regarding the terrorism, which is our priority today,” Assad said. “But the question whether Trump has the will or the ability to implement what he just mentioned. If he could, I think the world will be in a different place.”

The Syrian President also stressed the importance of the US-Russian relations.

“The most important thing is the relation between Russia and the Unites States. If he [Trump] goes towards that relation, most of the tension around the world will be pacified. That’s very important for us in Syria,” he said. 

Last week, Assad told local media that he is ready to work with Donald Trump.

“In principle, we have spoken about the necessity of forming an alliance against terrorism since 1985, and we continuously announce that Syria is ready to cooperate with any party seeking seriously to fight terrorism. This is a general principle which applies to the United States and all other countries,” Assad stated.

The US President-elect has said that his goal in Syria would be fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), not overthrowing President Assad’s government.

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi | Source: ARA News


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