Kurdish party blames Iran for twin bomb attack on its office in Erbil


Kurds in Erbil commemorate victims of the terror attacks on the KDP-I office. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Erbil – The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDK-I) condemned on Monday the twin bomb attack that hit its office in Erbil last week and killed five of its members and two Kurdish security officers.

The KDP-I, which organised a protest in Erbil on Monday, accused Iran of being behind the attack.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is behind the terrorist attack that hit our office in Koi Senjak District of Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan. Iran attacked our office and killed several of our members,” leading member of the KDP-I Ali Mahmoud Muhammad told ARA News.

The KDP-I is one of the main opposition partiers in Iran. The party, through its own Peshmerga forces, has also been involved in an armed rebellion against the Iranian authorities.

Also, dozens of Syrian Kurdish activists participated in the protest and described the attack as “an act of terrorism”.

Yalmaz Saeed, a member of the  Kurdish Youth Movement in Syria (TCK) and a participant in Erbil protest, told ARA News: “This protest was organised to condemn the terrorist attack on the KDP-I’s office, that caused the death of five members of the party and two Kurdish security officers in Koi.”

“As members of the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK), we strongly condemn this Iranian-led terror attack and the suppression of Iran-backed Assad regime in Syria,” Saeed said.

The explosions that hit the KDP-I office last week on Tuesday took place during the Yalda festival – a celebration of the winter solstice. The festival takes place every December, on the longest night of the year.

The KDP-I confirmed that five of its members had been killed and four others were injured. Ali Qoytasi, a senior member of the KDP-I, was among the dead.

Hosyar Zebari, Iraq’s former Foreign Minister, blamed Iranian intelligence for the attack. “Most likely Iranian Revolutionary Guards [or the] Ministry of Intelligence carried out the terrorist attack against the KDP-I headquarters in Koi Senjak,” he said.

Iran has been linked to several attacks on Kurdish parties in recent years. Last August, the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KSZK) reported that an Iranian agent planted four improvised explosives at Zrgwez camp. The bombs were subsequently defused by Kurdish security forces.

Doctor Mahmoud Othman, an Iraqi MP and former chairman of the Kurdistan Socialist Party responded to Tuesday’s bombing, saying: “I strongly condemn the terrorist attack against the KDP-I in Koya [and I] urge the authorities to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.”

Tensions have increased between the Iranian Kurdish parties and the Iranian regime since the former decided to resume their armed struggle last summer. The parties are principally seeking an autonomous Kurdish government in Iran, analogous to the KRG in Iraq.

Reporting by: Siber Haci and Ehmed Sawes | Source: ARA News 


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