Russia bombs ISIS positions as Turkey-backed rebels push to Syria’s al-Bab


Pro-Turkey Euphrates Shield rebels in Syria (L). File photo

ARA News

Aleppo – Russian warplanes on Monday launched several airstrikes near the city of al-Bab in Syria’s northern Aleppo Governorate, targeting Islamic State’s (ISIS) tactical units and fighting positions.

The Russian air raids destroyed at least five ISIS strongholds in the western and northern suburbs of al-Bab city, killing and wounding dozens of ISIS militants.

This comes amid heavy clashes between ISIS and Turkey-backed rebels of the Euphrates Shield Brigades.

“The Russian air cover helped the Turkish forces and allied rebels to advance towards Oqail Hill in northern al-Bab,” media activist Muhammad al-Jassim told ARA News.

al-Jassim, who accompanied the Euphrates Shield Brigades during the clashes on Monday, reported that ISIS was able to repel the rebels’ progress towards the city through improvised explosive devices and landmines.

“The Russian airstrikes came in support of the Turkey-backed groups as part of a recent agreement to intensify cooperation in the fight against ISIS,” al-Jassim told ARA News.

According to observers, if the Russian support to the Turkey-led offensive on al-Bab continues, the Euphrates Shield Brigades may take control of the city very soon.

Reporting by: Sulaiman Muhammed | Source: ARA News


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