Turkey sentences journalist six years in jail for writing about Kurds


Kurdish journalist Arzu Demir given 6-year jail sentence for writing about Kurds. File photo

ARA News

Kurdish journalist Arzu Demir was sentenced by a Turkish court to six years in prison for writing two books on Kurds, including one on Rojava, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said on Friday.

Demir wrote one book about female fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and another book about the Syrian Kurds and the new administrations they set up in Rojava-Northern Syria.

“The first book is about female fighters of the PKK, which the Turkish government considers a terrorist organization. The second book is about the Rojava Kurdish enclave in northern Syria,” the CPJ said.

Both books were banned in Turkey in April last year for ‘spreading PKK propaganda’.

“This verdict is a proof that the trials are political. I’ve just practiced journalism. The state is fighting an organization which it calls ‘terrorist’, the people have right to know about this organization,” Arzu Demir told the news website BIA net.

Demir worked for 17 years as a journalist and writes for the Turkish news agency ETHA and the pro-Kurdish Firat News Agency (ANF), which is also banned in Turkey for alleged ‘PKK propaganda’.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg 

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