Iraqi airstrikes hit ISIS leaders, al-Baghdadi’s fate unknown


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi speaking in a mosque in Mosul after the group took over the city in June 2014. File photo

ARA News 

The Iraqi Air Force carried out an airstrike targeting a meeting for Islamic State’s (ISIS) militant leaders, officials said on Monday.

The ISIS supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly meeting some of the group’s top officials in the targeted location near al-Qaim, in northwestern Iraq.

The anti-ISIS Joint Operations Command reported the airstrike in an official statement on Monday.

However, it was not clear whether al-Baghdadi was hit in the operation.

According to officials, an intelligence cell has monitored an ISIS convoy suspected of transporting al-Baghdadi from Raqqa city in northeastern Syria across the border to al-Qaim District in northwestern Iraq.

The Joint Operations Command said that Iraqi Air Force F-16 jets hit a meeting of top ISIS commanders on February 11, but could not confirm whether the group’s leader al-Baghdadi was present.

“The direct strike on the meeting location led to the death of 13 Daesh (ISIS) commanders,” it said.

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