Islamic State extremists threaten to eliminate Egypt’s Christians


St Mark's Cathedral, the seat of the Coptic papacy, after the ISIS attack in December. (Reuters)

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The radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) on Sunday released a new propaganda video, threatening to eliminate Egypt’s Christians and vowing to ‘liberate Cairo’.

The video also shows the last statement of a man it said was responsible for the deadly bombing of a Coptic cathedral in Cairo on 11 December, that killed at least 28 people, mostly women and children.

Abu Abdallah al-Masri, the alleged bomber of the St Mark’s Cathedral, the seat of the Coptic papacy, appeared in the video encouraging jihadists all over the world not to give up.

Orthodox Copts, who comprise about 10 percent of Egypt’s 90 million people, are the Middle East’s largest Christian community.

The masked militant also promised Islamists jailed in Egypt that they will be freed soon, when ISIS “liberates” Cairo.

“To my brothers in captivity: rejoice, you believers, do not falter or grieve. I swear to God we will very soon liberate Cairo and free you from captivity. We will come bearing explosives, I swear we will, so rejoice you believers,” al-Masri said.

Although ISIS claimed responsibility for the cathedral’s attack in December, the Egyptian government said that the bomber was a supporter the Muslim Brotherhood movement. However, the Brotherhood condemned the attack and accused Sisi’s administration of failing to protect the church.

ISIS called for eliminating Egypt’s Christians, describing them as “apostates” and “enemies of Allah”.

Reporting by: Sadredin Kino 

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