Russia bombs ISIS positions in Raqqa


Raqqa bombardment. File photo

ARA News

Raqqa – Russian warplanes conducted several airstrikes in Raqqa Governorate on Friday, targeting the Islamic State’s (ISIS) tactical units and training camps.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that their long-range bombers had fired a series of missiles at ISIS targets around Raqqa city.

In a statement, the ministry said that their “Tupolev-95 bombers had taken off from Russia and flown over Iran and Iraq to get to Syria,” adding that the warplanes “successfully targeted militant training camps and a command center.”

Since launching its Syrian operations in September 2015, the Russian Air Force has primarily targeted Aleppo, Idlib and other rebel strongholds.

This is the second time Russia has conducted air raids in Raqqa –the Islamic State’s de facto capital. In late 2015, Moscow carried out a series of airstrikes in Raqqa city, destroying a military installation and several armories.

Reporting by: Hozan Mamo | Source: ARA News

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