Syrian opposition says direct negotiations with regime necessary to reach political solution in Geneva talks


From the second round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva. File photo

ARA News

The Syrian opposition’s delegation to the UN-led peace talks in Geneva confirmed that they wanted direct negotiations with the regime representatives.

The Syrian National Coalition (SNC), the main opposition group in Syria, said they were willing to hold face-to-face discussions with representatives of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in a bid to reach a political solution to the 6-year-old conflict in Syria.

“We ask for direct negotiations… It would save time and be proof of seriousness instead of negotiating in (separate) rooms,” Salem al-Meslet, spokesman for the SNC’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) umbrella group, told AFP.

The statement came just one day before the launch of the Geneva peace talks.

During three previous rounds of talks in Geneva last year, the two sides never sat down at the same table, instead leaving UN mediator Staffan de Mistura to shuttle between them.

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