Iranian Kurdish parties to unite activities to confront Iran


Iranian Kurdish female members of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan (PAK) keep a position in Dibis. File photo: AFP

ARA News

Six of the biggest Kurdish parties met last week in order to organize joint Kurdish New Year celebrations on 21 March and to organize a joint struggle to fight against the Iranian government.

The meeting comes after Iraqi Shiite members of the parliament called on the Kurdish parties from Iran in February.

The meeting included the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDK-I), all three factions of Komala, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP Iran), and Khabat.

All parties agreed that this is an Iranian plan. Iranian regime wants to weaken the Kurdish movement. After the meeting all parties created a commission to meet with Iraq’s Parliament factions,” said Aso Saleh, PDK-I representative in Sweden.

“The next meeting between these 6 parties was about Newroz and how they can affect Newroz ceremonies inside Kurdistan. Last year people held up Newroz ceremony in almost all cities and villages. It was like reviving the spirit of the people. The Iranian regime banned several ceremonies too,” he added.

“This year will be even greater. The regime started with threatening people and militarization of Kurdistan. They arrested several Kurdish activists as well,” he told ARA News.

Actually the Kurdish parties have had a meeting to coordinate a unified set of activities inside Rojhelat [Iranian Kurdistan] and abroad during Newroz. As you now, Newroz is not only a cultural event but also, for Kurds, has gained a symbolic value in our struggle for liberty which represents resurrection and to reinvigorate,” representative of the PDKI to the USA Arash Saleh said.

“There always have been activities in Kurdistan for celebrating Newroz and these activities always are opportunities for people to express their resistance against the fact that they have been denied of their basic rights. Using symbols, songs, and gatherings, youth in Newroz have always shown their anger and resentment toward the lasting oppression of Kurds in Iran,” Saleh told ARA News.

“However, the government always tries to strip Newroz from its basic identity and function in Kurdistan, by putting up together bevies of Persian youths who are not originally from the area and have been moved there by government and by marching them, with Persian music and Persian symbols,” he said.

“Therefore, Newroz always has political connotations and is a field for struggle and uprising. This year, the difference is that all Kurdish parties are addressing people with one language and are celebrating it together. We coordinate our activities around Newroz because we all in Rojhelat believe that Newroz is beyond partisanship and politics of parties. We believe these activities should give us a sense of a unified nation,” he stated.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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