Iraqi forces advance into Mosul Old City, move closer to Iron Bridge


Iraqi Army forces advance into Western Mosul. Photo: ARA News/Pierre-Yves Baillet

ARA News

Iraqi forces are advancing into the old city of Mosul as they move closer to the Iron Bridge, Pentagon press operations director Navy Capt. Jeff Davis confirmed.

“Their line of advance is a little like a triangle,” the spokesman said. “They’re pointed right at the bridge.”

Taking the Iron Bridge will mean Iraqi forces control three of the five bridges that span the Tigris River and connect the old city with Mosul’s modern city center.

Davis said the location of the Iraqis as they approach the old city is symbolically important, because they are closing in on the al Nuri Mosque, where in 2014 the Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself the head of the so-called caliphate stretching from Syria to Iraq.

The Iraqi forward line of troops is in extremely dense urban terrain, which is not easy to get through, Davis pointed out on the 30th day of operations to liberate western Mosul.

“Clearly ISIS has had a lot of time to dig in and place house-borne [homemade bombs], sniper positions, tunnels and other things they can do to make this [advance] very challenging,” he said. “Enemy resistance remains very fierce in the narrow streets of the old part of this city.”

Davis said the counterterrorism service, federal police and emergency response division continue to make small advances to back clear their sections and defend in place in the western half of the city.

As the Iraqi forces close in on the Nuri Mosque, about 900 meters of fighting remain, Davis said: “Its capture will be a blow for the Islamic State.”

Experts expect that the Mosul operation could be finished within a few months.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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