Pope Francis sends 100,000 euros to poor of Aleppo


Pope Francis on Christmas Eve urges urges end to Syrian conflict. (AP)

Pope Francis has sent 100,000 euros ($106,090) to the poor in the ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo, a Vatican spokeswoman said in a statement on Friday.

The Vatican administration, known as the Curia, contributed to the donation, which will be made through the papal charity office and the Franciscan order working in the Holy Land.

Aleppo was Syria’s most populous city before war broke out six years ago, but swathes of it have been destroyed and thousands displaced in the conflict gripping the country.

Government forces, which seized the city from rebels in December after months of intense fighting, have captured its main water supply station from ISIS, according to local sources.

Pope Francis has repeatedly urged an end to the fighting in Syria. “Far too much blood has been spilledin the conflict,” he said during his his Christmas address at the Vatican.

“It is time for weapons to be still forever, and the international community to actively seek a negotiated solution,” the Pope said at the time.

Pope Francis called for immediate assistance to the exhausted population of the city of Aleppo, which Syrian government forces recaptured in December after four years of devastating fighting with rebels.


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