Syrian Kurdish journalist released after days of detention in Iraqi Kurdistan


Kurdish journalist Ciwan Şihab was released on Monday after being captured on 4 March subsequent to tensions in the Yezidi region of Sinjar. Photo: ARTA FM

ARA News

Kurdish journalist Ciwan Şihab, a photographer and video producer at Arta FM and Jin FM in northern Syria, was released on Monday after being captured on 4 March subsequent to tensions in the Yezidi region of Sinjar.

“I was arrested on Saturday [4 March], and today I was released. I do not know where I was, or who arrested me, and they asked me about going to the Kurdistan region and undergo military training in the ranks of Peshmergas, but I said I went to work for two months,” Şihab said.

“He was accused of being part of the Peshmerga Roj, and to have been trained in Iraqi Kurdistan, but he denied this, and he was released. We don’t know who arrested him and where, and we don’t have any official statement,” the director of Arta FM Sirwan Berko told ARA News.

Over 40 supporters of the Barzani-backed Kurdish National Council (KNC) were arrested in northern Syria, following clashes between armed groups of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on 3 March in Sinjar.

The KDP security forces also arrested 32 supporters of the PKK in Erbil, when they attempted to protest against the KDP policies in Sinjar. Most of them were released.

Mohammed Kayani, a former member of the Kurdish opposition group Gorran and former prisoner in Iraqi Kurdistan, said that until now 6 Kurds remain in prison.

“Yes I am released, but still there are 6 HDP supporters in detention,” Kayani said. “4 from Bakur [Turkey’s Kurdistan] and 2 from Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan] are still in prison.”

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News 

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