Dutch Kurd launches youth library project in Kobane


Civilians in Kobane. File photo

ARA News

The Dutch Kurdish student Ali Cakmak has launched a youth library project for the Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria. The project is backed by prominent Dutch politicians of the Socialist Party (SP) including the SP leader Emile Roemer.

“Last year I did an internship with a library in the city of Maas and Peel as a communications student. The library had relations with other libraries in different countries. At that time I started this project,” Cakmak told ARA News.

“I have chosen to help Kobane after the city suffered the most under the war conditions. I admire how the Kurds in Kobane continued to tirelessly rebuild and develop their city,” he said.

Cakmak started to send books to Rojava and he has collected donations to launch a library there. “The reason I wanted to bring books there is my belief in the importance of reading. It’s a way to overcome your current concerns,” he told ARA News.

He further said they will try to keep the project politically neutral, by only sending children books.

“Therefore, I have chosen to send children books and avoid political books. They have enough books like that in Kurdistan,” he said.

However, it might be difficult to bring the books to Rojava as a result of the border closures.

“At this moment there is an embargo by Turkey against Rojava. That’s why we want to buy the books in Amed (Diyarbekir) and then transport them to Basur [Iraqi Kurdistan] and after that to Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan],” he said.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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