Islamic State’s official Mufti killed in Mosul strike


Militants of the Islamic State in Syria's Raqqa. File photo

ARA News

The Iraqi Army’s Central Command said on Friday that an airstrike on the Islamic State’s (ISIS) headquarters in Mosul killed one of the group’s prominent officials.

“An airstrike [by the US-led coalition] on the neighborhood of al-Rifai on the right side of Mosul has destroyed Daesh headquarters and killed the group’s Mufti Abdullah al-Badrani,” the Iraqi command said in a statement.

Al-Badrani was the head of the ISIS Sharia institution, named as the group’s Mufti.

The strike also killed ISIS member Abdul Rahman al-Talib, known as Abu Obaida and is of Arab origins.

Ibrahim Awni al-Hayali, known as Abu Baraq, who is ISIS leader in al-Rifai neighborhood was also killed.

It is worth noting that the Iraq security forces, supported by the US-led coalition, are fighting to liberate the right side of Mosul.

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