Japanese YPG fighter: Kurds, Arabs and foreign volunteers work together against ISIS in Syria


Kurdish fighters of the YPG during a military training in Hasakah province, northeastern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Heval Resit Japanya, a Japanese volunteer with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria, said on Saturday that the anti-ISIS operation for Taqba town in Raqqa province “is going very well.”

“The YPG is doing it’s best to secure the areas without civilian casualties. Currently we managed to surround all of Taqba,” Heval Resit, who has been fighting with YPG against ISIS for nearly three months, was quoted by the YPG press office as saying.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is trying to stop the YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forcess (SDF) progress in Tabqa town of Raqqa province with suicide bombers and suicide vests.

“However, we managed to neutralize them without many casualties. The YPG is working as part of the SDF as a whole, and has done an excellent job to work with Arab fighters,” he said.

“Kurds and Arabs are fighting together. There have been minimal issues on that part,” Heval Resit added.

Furthermore, he said ISIS is trying to infiltrate YPG positions.

“Daesh [ISIS] is trying to infiltrate YPG positions by disguising as SDF fighetrs, but the YPG has done a good job to minimize this by communications,” he concluded.

Macer Gifford, a British volunteer with the YPG, told ARA News that there are dozens of foreign fighters that participate in the SDF-led operation to take Raqqa.

“Maybe there are 30 [Western] volunteers, or more,” he said.

However, this is not without risk for foreign volunteers. “In Manbij the casualty rate [among foreign fighters] was very high. Many were wounded, and some badly injured,” Gifford said.

Heval Resit Japanya, a Japanese volunteer with the YPG in northern Syria. Photo: YPG Press Office

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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