Syrian army recaptures strategic town near Hama


Soldiers loyal to the Syrian regime gesture while on their military tanks in Qusair, after the Syrian army took control of the city from rebel fighters. File photo

ARA News

The Syrian regime’s army forces on Sunday recaptured the key town of Soran in Hama province in an assault backed by Russian air strikes, local sources reported.

Rebel fighters were forced to withdraw from the town of Soran under heavy bombardment by the Russian Air Force.

“The Russian air cover enabled the Syrian army to advance into the town, forcing rebels to retreat,” media activist Ahemd Hamwi told ARA News.

Scores of rebels were killed and injured before the Syrian army took control of Soran.

Also on Sunday, the Russian warplanes hit rebel strongholds in the villages of Kafr Zeta and Latamnah in Hama countryside amid intensifying clashes between the rebel fighters and pro regime troops in the area.

Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias also supported the regime-led offensive in Hama.

Noteworthy, the town of Soran is considered the Syrian army’s northern gateway to the city of Hama, the provincial capital. It had been captured by the army last year, then lost in a recent rebel offensive.

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi

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