US calls 100,000 plus Shia paramilitary forces in Iraq ‘a concern’


Iraqi Shiite fighters from the Popular Mobilisation units supporting the Iraqi government forces flash the sign for victory as they gather on the northern outskirts of the city of Fallujah, west of the capital Baghdad, to prepare an attack on Islamic State (IS) group positions in the city on July 9, 2015. File photo: AFP/Ahmad Al-Rubaye/Getty Images

ARA News 

The United States’ top military official in the Middle East, General Joseph Votel, on Sunday expressed his concerns about the presence of 100,000 plus Shia paramilitary forces in Iraq.

“I share in your concern about Iran and their long- term intentions here. And certainly with the 100,000 plus Shia militia group members [Popular Mobilisation Units] on the ground there, this is extraordinarily — big concern as we move forward on,” General Votel said.

“We are engaged. I know the embassy is well engaged with the government of Iraq as they look to implement a paramilitary force law in their country,” he said. “We certainly have provided advice into that. We’ve given examples of how we apply and employ national guards, and other things here and how we would look at that.”

The US military is especially concerned that the PMU forces could disrupt counter-terror operations.

“Our concern I think with particular aspect is that the paramilitary forces [PMU] that remain behind don’t become duplicative to the counterterrorism service or to the Iraqi army and those types things,” the US General said.

However, he say there is a valid role for the Shia PMU militias if they answer to the Iraqi government, and not Iran.

“There is a valid role for them and that they do answer to the government and that they remain like the other security services in a political entity. And so our very strong focus is in that in that particular area, particularly with respect to the Shia,” Votel said.

According to the top general, Iran’s objective in the region is to be a regional hegemon. “They want to be the predominant power in the region, there’s no doubt about that and I think that’s what they are pursuing,” he warned.

Meanwhile, the US Defence Secretary James Mattis in a press conference on Friday also called Iran a big threat to stability in the region.

“Iran is the primary exporter of terrorism, frankly. It was the primary state sponsor of terrorism and it continues that kind of behavior today,” he said.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgen burg | Source: ARA News

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