US-led coalition calls on pro-Assad forces to leave Syrian-Iraqi border


Pro-Assad army officers in Hasakah. File photo

ARA News

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria has called on forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad to move away from a crossing on the border with Iraq.

Coalition aircraft dropped leaflets onto areas held by Syrian regime forces near the Zaza crossing, in the first incident of its kind.

The leaflets demanded pro-Assad troops to leave the border crossing with Iraq “as soon as possible”.

This comes a few days after warplanes of the US-led coalition hit a convoy of Syrian regime’s army forces. The convoy was targeted while trying approach the Zaza crossing.

Local sources reported on Monday that coalition-dropped warning leaflets demanded pro-regime forcers to move away from Zaza crossing checkpoint.

The Zaza crossing is about 55 km from al-Tanf border crossing.

Supported by Lebanese Hezbollah militias, Syrian regime forces have been trying to reach the Iraqi-Syrian-Jordanian border triangle region since early May.

Leaflets dropped by coalition aircraft calling on pro-Assad forces to leave Zaza crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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