iranian militias led by soleimani approach syrian iraqi border despite us warnings


Iranian militias led by Soleimani approach Syrian-Iraqi border despite US warnings


Qasim Soleimani surrounded by Iranian fighters. File photo

The commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Qasim Soleimani, arrived at a location on the Syrian-Iraqi border with his militia, despite the frequent US bombing targeting these militias to prevent their advancement towards the Tanf border area.

The Iranian Tasnim agency on Monday published pictures of Soleimani between the Afghani Fatimiyoun militias, which is fighting alongside the Assad regime and under the command of Soleimani, and confirmed that pro-Assad militias have crossed from US checkpoints and reached these locations two days ago.

In the border triangle between Syria, Iraq and Jordan, the Tanf region is witnessing a tension between the Iranian militias on the one hand and factions of the Free Syrian Army on the other, to seize new points in the Syrian Badia.

The US-led coalition has recently launched three raids against pro-Assad forces, including Iranian militia positions, near Tanf after it tried to approach the area, leaving a 55-kilometer security zone around it, warning that any incursion would be considered a threat.

The advance of the Iranian militia towards the Syrian-Iraqi border comes amid a reduction in the escalation between Russia and the United States especially that the US has been sharply critical of Russia’s moves.

Washington said on Friday that Russia’s intervention in Syria was “very useful” to reduce tension in southern Syria, while a senior Russian military official described US military warnings to the Russian forces and its allies as “ridiculous justifications.”

“Russia has been very helpful in Syria,” said Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis, adding: “The ease we see today is largely due to its interventions.”

Davis asserted: “They (the Russians) are trying to contact other pro-regime parties and the pro-Iranian militias, and are trying to do what is required to prevent these parties from carrying out destabilizing acts.”


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