irans kurds urge trump to list revolutionary guard corps a terrorist group


Iran’s Kurds urge Trump to list Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group

Kurdish protesters in Mariwan, northwest Iran, condemn suppression and discrimination by Iranian authorities. File photo

ARA News

Iranian Kurdish parties are urging US president Trump’s administration to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, during the 38 anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic republic. On Friday, Kurds organised a Twitter storm to demand the listing of the IRGC as terrorists.

The Trump administration is considering listing the Muslim Brotherhood and the IRGC as terrorist organizations.

“After Khomeini created the IRGC, these forces immediately started to kill our people,” Aso Saleh, a representative of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDK-I) in Sweden, told ARA News. “All Kurds believe that the IRGC forces are acting in violation of basic human rights by killing civilian people and supporting other terrorist organizations in whole the world,” he said.

“They participate directly or indirectly in hundreds of terrorist attacks not only against the regime’s opposition leaders (like Dr.Qasemlou or Dr. Sharafkandi) but also against other countries. We think that is a correct decision and we support it. Stopping all kinds of terrorism, from ISIS to IRGC is a responsibility to all of us in this era,” he concluded.

Hiwa Bahrami, a spokesperson PDK-I spokesman in Germany, told ARA News: “We are launching a Twitter campaign with the goal to push the US to recognize the IRGC as a terrorist organization. The IRGC has been oppressing Kurds in Iran for years. If they are classified as a terrorist organization, they will be very limited in their activities in the region.”

“This concerns not only the military or political ambitions of the IRGC but also the economic interests. In addition, the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iran are fighting against IRGC, in that case this fight will be called a fight against terror on an international level!” Bahrami added.

Baba Sheikh Hosseini, Secretary-General of the Iran Kurdistan Khebat Organization, who survived an assassination attempt in 2005 by the IRGC, supports the new American Administration since Trump is a strong opponent to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Obama helped the Islamic republic a lot. There is a new term in Persian called Obamamast, that means ‘he is with us’. That’s how they [Iranian government] see him. Iran is more powerful now then before,” Hosseini told ARA News.

“We don’t want a war, and we don’t want Trump to look at Iran [the country] as an enemy, but Iran is not democratic, and we want a democracy. There are no rights for Kurds, women, Sunnis, and even not for Shia that were imprisoned under Khomeini,” he said. “We are fighting for a democratic Iran,” Hosseini concluded.

Analysts say that the Iranian Kurds could be a new ally for the Trump administration against Tehran.

“Trump’s staff have expressed that they favor focusing on Iran’s regional outreach, rather than on the nuclear issue. This is a political struggle. It implies that attention could return to the issue of minorities in Iran,” Dr Jonathan Spyer, the director of the Rubin Centre in Israel, told ARA News.

“Iranian Kurds might well expect to benefit from a returned focus on these issues. Particularly since Iranian Kurdish parties in 2016 resumed military activity against the regime. That is – if the administration wants to pressure the Iranians politically and militarily, Iran’s Kurds are a natural address,” Spyer said.

Since last summer there have been occasional clashes between Kurdish fighters and the IRGC in the Kurdish cities in western Iran, and now the Iranian Kurdish parties are relieved with a Republican US administration that opposes the Iran nuclear deal of 2015–promoted by the Obama administration.

On 7 February, the KDP-I official Enwer Emini said a high-ranking IRGC commander was killed in the Kurdish city of Bokan.

According to the pro-Iranian government outlet Press TV, Israel and Saudi Arabia are to blame for pushing the Trump administration to act against the IRGC.

“Trump is threatening the Revolutionary Guards in Iran because Iran is part of the axis of resistance, challenging Zionism and the Israeli occupation of Palestine,” Joe Iosbaker, an anti-war activist in the United States, told the Teheran-backed Press-TV.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News 

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