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Video: Islamic State competes with Hollywood


Cover page of the first printed magazine promoting for the Islamic State under the name "The Return of Khilafa"

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – Within the framework of its propaganda and with use of modern cinematography techniques, the Islamic State (IS/ ISIS) -al Qaeda offshoot- produced a 55-minute movie showing the military capacities of its fighters as well as the professional skills of its staff.

The movie begins with illustrations of the U.S.-led war on terrorism, including a commentary by the former U.S. President, George Bush, bringing the viewer to the current Obama-led war against the Islamic State.

The film also shows documentary scenes of IS fighting the Syrian regime, the Iraqi government and the Syrian opposition fighters, starting from the Minaq military airport battle in Aleppo countryside (northern Syria), followed by the battles for Mosul (northwestern Iraq) against the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga.

“It is a professional movie; not at a Hollywood level, but still whoever wrote the scenario and did editing and directing is not an amateur,” Syrian director Mohammad Bayazid said.

Bayazid pointed out the message of this movie; “It is a universal organization”, this is emphasized by using English as the primary language and portraying  some of its members speaking with fluent American accents.

Kurdish scenarist Hussein Ali Beck commented on the IS-produced film, saying: “It is evident that this extremist group is quite organized, many professionals are working intensively on the media machine to promote the Caliphate announced by the IS.”

“If the IS continues organizing its ranks, it will become a competitor of prominent cinema and media institutions,” Beck sarcastically said.

Egyptian director Imad Addin al-Sayyid ranked the movie at the same level as “Marvel movie productions”, that are “based on exciting stories, utilizing montage, graphics, and sound effects, while presenting some superheroes”.

According to cinema critics, IS has modern filming technology and high artistic capacities used in its media outlets to mobilize and attract foreign militants.


Reporting by: Mohammad Nasser

Source: ARA News

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