kurdish council says pyd using fight against isis as excuse to suppress kurdish rivals


Kurdish council says PYD using fight against ISIS as excuse to suppress Kurdish rivals


Syrian Kurdish female fighters (L), an ISIS militant (R). Photo: Jinda Ibrahim/ARA News

ARA News

The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) said Friday that the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is using the fight against ISIS to force the KNC to recognize it’s local self administrations.

On 9 May, 13 members of the KNC were arrested and the KNC office in Qamishli city was reclosed by the Asayish. On Wednesday, ten were released.

However, Vice-president of the KNC Fasla Yusuf, head of the local KNC office Muhsin Taher, and Secretary-General Muhammed Amin Husam remain in prison.

“With its terrorist practices, the PYD wants to keep the KNC and its supporters from pursuing their activities for the Kurdish population. Moreover, it wants to put an end to political diversity in Syrian Kurdistan by force of arms,” the KNC said in a statement.

“The PYD exploits that the international focus is on fighting ISIS. It wants to force the KNC to acknowledge the PYD’s administration and to distract from its failed management of the Kurdish region [Rojava],” the KNC said.

“The PYD’s terrorist practices reveal the hypocrisy of its claims regarding its democratic attitude, they attest to the PYD’s fear of the KNC’s work for the Kurdish population and show its growing isolation from the population,” the KNC added.

“This strategy will only encourage us all the more to continue on our path for the Kurdish population, to defend it and to withstand this party’s practices. These practices have led to the depopulation of Kurdish areas in Syria, which only serves the abominable agenda of the Baʿth party,” the KNC concluded.

Mohammed Ismail, a senior politician of the KNC-linked Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP-S), told ARA News that they hold the United States responsible if they don’t stop the ‘practises of the PYD’. Especially now that the US is arming the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to fight ISIS.

After several PKK and YBS fighters were killed in clashes between the KDP-linked Rojava Peshmerga forces and the PKK-affiliated Shingal Resistance Units (YBS) on 3 March in the Yezidi area of Sinjar (also known as Shingal) in northern Iraq, the Rojava Self-Administration urged the KNC parties –backed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)– to register their offices.

Furthermore, the Asayish security forces led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria’s Kurdish region (Rojava) have arrested over 40 members of the pro-Barzani Kurdish National Council (KNC) after the Sinjar clashes.

This while the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)-led security forces arrested 23 opposition protestors, of which six are still being held in prison in Iraqi Kurdistan. Furthermore, the KDP arrested nine foreign volunteers who fight against ISIS after they ‘illegally’ crossed the border last Thursday. The PYD also says that its supporters are harassed and arrested by the Kurdish security forces in KDP-controlled territories like Duhok and Erbil.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a statement to ARA News in March called on both the PYD-led and KDP-led administrations in Iraq and Syria to release prisoners that were arrested after clashes between Kurdish forces in Sinjar on 3 March.

In late April, the security forces of the PYD’s Rojava Self-Administration reclosed an office of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in Qamishli city, in northeastern Syria, after the KNC decided to reopen it. Furthermore, several KNC members remain in prison.

Source: ARA News 

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