kurdish peshmerga forces foil isis attack on kirkuk


Kurdish Peshmerga forces foil ISIS attack on Kirkuk


In this file photo, Kurdish Peshmerga forces are seen on the left, and ISIS militants on the right. Credit: Jinda Ibrahim/ARA News

ARA News

Iraqi Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces on Tuesday repelled an offensive by Islamic State’s (ISIS) jihadists in Kirkuk province.

ISIS militants tried to infiltrate into the Kerawa town in Kirkuk province to target one of the key Peshmerga headquarters there.

“Daesh [ISIS] terrorists launched the attack from three axis in a bid to hit our headquarters in Kerawa,” a Peshmerga spokesman told ARA News.

ISIS jihadists reportedly initiated the offensive by targeting a Peshmerga checkpoint with car bombs, causing injuries among the Kurdish forces.

“The attack was foiled after clashes with these terrorists,” the Peshmerga official said.

At least 12 ISIS members were killed in the clashes. The group withdrew from the area in the evening on Tuesday after suffering losses in manpower and equipment.

“Our forces are heavily deployed in this area, and prepared to defend Kirkuk province with all means,” he told ARA News.

Reporting by: Salar Qassim | Source: ARA News

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