kurdish theatre revived amid ongoing war in syria


Kurdish theatre revived amid ongoing war in Syria


Kurdish theatre. File photo

ARA News 

Qamishli – After decades of ban, the Kurdish theatre in Syria has been revived. Kurdish dramatists and directors seized the opportunity of the regime’s absence in many Kurdish areas in northern Syria amid the ongoing crisis, and started to revive the Kurdish theatre.

According to local stage actors, the Kurdish theatre was relaunched in Rojava amidst the 5-year-old crisis in Syria, witnessing a public interaction.

The Kurdish theatre has been banned by the Syrian regime for decades, and many Kurdish actors have been obliged to join the Arab theatre instead.

“Under the Syrian regime we have never been allowed to perform any Kurdish plays,” theatre director Fawaz Mahmoud told ARA News.

However, the Kurdish theatre survived with the help of local dramatists and actors who used to seize the opportunity during Newroz celebrations on March 21st of every year to perform plays on most challenging local issues.

“Newroz [festival] used to be the only window for us to perform Kurdish plays and tackle our local issues,” Mahmoud said.

“However, now with the revival of the Kurdish theatre we’re trying to improve the quality of this theatre. There is a public acceptance and interaction,” he said.

According to Shevzan Fawaz, a stage actor, the Kurdish theatre has been able to break down “the suppressive constraints” in Syria.

“Now there is a greater opportunity to perform plays on critical issues on the stage in Rojava [Syria’s Kurdish region]. Our theatre is no more limited to Newroz festivals,” Fawaz told ARA News.

“There has been a considerable improvement in the Kurdish theatre recently. The audience has remarkably increased, which means that we’re heading in the right direction,” the Kurdish actor said.

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh | Source: ARA News 

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