kurds organize first childrens festival in syrias qamishli


Kurds organize first Children’s Festival in Syria’s Qamishli


Kurdish children playing music during Qamishli Child Festival. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – Under the banner “Children: Hope of Future”, Syrian Kurds organized the First Children’s Festival in the Cultural Center of Qamishli, northeast Syria. 

The unprecedented festival, that took place last week in Qamishli city under the sponsorship of the Auto-Administration, included Musical performances and Kurdish folk dances, in addition to drama performances by children, as a step to increase interest in arts among Kurdish children. 

Speaking to ARA News, Fawaz Mahmoud, Kurdish artist and member of the festival’s organizing team, said: “This is the first children’s festival in Rojava (Syria’s Kurdish areas), organized by the Directorate of Culture and Art in Qamishli. Kurdish children are sending a message of peace and love to the world.”

“If we aspire for a state of peace, we should start with the children; from their innocence we learn peace and love, that we unfortunately miss nowadays under the devastating war conditions,” he said. 

According to Mahmoud, the coexistence in Syria is at risk “due to the ongoing conflict”.

“That’s why such an activity seems necessary, as it reflects the determination of our civil society to challenge violence and hostility caused by war,” the Kurdish artist added. 

The festival comes as an attempt to draw a smile on the faces of children who suffer deteriorating living conditions in Syria’s Kurdish region amid continuous attacks by radical Islamist groups. 

ISIS-led attacks caused the displacement of hundreds of children from northeastern Syria, beside the death of many due to the continuous violence in the war-torn country.

Reporting by: Fatima Abdulhalim 

Source: ARA News 

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