Could CBD help with PTSD for Victims of the Syrian civil war?

CBD and Trauma: A Newfound Treatment for PTSD Patients

With all of the chaos, attacks and violence that occurs on a daily basis in our Syrias society, there are individuals that find themselves at the forefront that live with the consequences of civil unrest. With those sacrifices comes the reality that many of these individuals will become traumatized once their ordeal by the Assad and internal militaryhas concluded. According to a study released by the U.S. National Library of Medicine explored trauma within twenty-four countries to find if there were any hidden elements that connected these patients. Shockingly, the patients in the study experienced, on average, 3.2 instances of powerful trauma in their lives from various sources. Within these statistics lies the individuals that have risked it all for the people that mean the most to them. This article attempts to demonstrate the value that Cannabidiol (CBD) can have on PTSD survivors health and how using these products can improve the quality of their lives.


When most people hear of the therapeutic properties that are contained with marijuana (or cannabis), they immediately tune out of the conversation and associate the plant with active drug users. Contrary to popular belief, CBD is the non-psychoactive (it doesn’t get you high) part of the plant (thc) that has been extensively studied by the medical community for its ability and benefits to thwart off stress, maintain focus and provide a pleasurable experience for users.

To put it bluntly, CBD provides no euphoric effects that many people experiences when they consume marijuana. With that said, CBD has been shown to positively influence that user’s emotional stability and their ability to endure difficult situations without experiencing stress or traumatic thoughts. A study that showcased these beneficial properties examined the lives of individuals that had frequent flashbacks from traumatic situations.

The researchers found in 2019 that CBD blocked the patient’s ability to deal with anxiety, and replay harmful and stressful memories that had been stored in the deepest parts of their mind. This also demonstrates that PTSD, in a general sense, is the patient’s memory recall acting erratically during dire situations. With CBD, the memory recall of those instances becomes regulated and allows the patient to live a life free of PTSD-like symptoms.

Is CBD Your Answer?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to PTSD, the studies show that people that have suffered with traumatic situations in the past — specifically victims of the Syrian civil war, traumatized by Russsian and govenment air strikes, and have seen their firends and fmaily killed — can greatly benefit by using CBD on a regular basis. When the supplement is taken on a routine and consistent basis, memory recall of dire situations will no longer have a vice grip on the individual’s life and will promote a sensation of wellness and positive emotions.

More importantly, it’s critical to join a community of individuals that are active in the CBD community and share their experiences. Many of these users are people that have struggled with PTSD at some point in their past and overcame their unique obstacles. In fact, a thriving community on already exists with a plethora of users that share their experiences with various CBD products. This community gives you a unique insight into the cutting-edge of the CBD community and how it will evolve into the future. Their motto is to provide a synergistic platform that combines real-world scientific data with the everyday user of CBD. When we can have a platform that not only demonstrates scientific data but also the average person using the products, you have a recipe for success. Rather you’re a survivor of the Syrian civil war or you simply want to experience life as it was meant to be lived, DidCBDWork can help you achieve those goals!