Kurdistan’s Police crackdown on illegal casino with arrests of large scale gambling network

Gambling In The Semi-Autonomous Kurdistan Region

There is no question that individuals the world over enjoy the pastime of gambling. This is apparently also true in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan within Iraq. Unfortunately for Kurdistan, when it comes to gambling with the region something else is also true: the practice is illegal.

This recently hit home with one particular case in point. In late October of this year, the Kurdistan Erbil police organization shut down a gambling operation that was being administered within a house. They also arrested the members of this “gambling network.” This operation was being run by locals and foreign nationals alike and was discovered in the neighborhood of Bakhtiyari. Four women of Kazakh, Iraqi and Turkish backgrounds were running the casino along with the help of a number of Kurdish young people. The police also confiscated a number of gambling machines and other gambling-related paraphernalia

Kurdistan Erbil Police Spokesperson Hogir Aziz noted some very interesting factors, claiming that there were a number of individuals who lost as much as $3.5 million with this casino. He also noted there were a number of victims who had lost an amount upwards of $2 million. However, Aziz also noted that the Kurdistan police were far from done yet.

Aziz said that the Erbil police were dedicated to searching throughout the region for similar gambling operations and shutting them down very quickly. Aziz also concluded that anyone who happened to be in the operation gambling at the time the building is raided will also be arrested. Of course, this might seem like a downfall to some who enjoy the pastime of gambling. However, there is a way around this.

First of all, since 2007 casino licenses can be issued by Kurdistan officials for the purpose of being an asset to new building developments. This means that for the purposes of employment, energy, infrastructure, and housing a casino license might be issued. However, for Kurds who enjoy the sport of gambling and do not have an establishment nearby, they also have another way around these laws.

For example, internet casinos are becoming the rage not only throughout the Middle Eastern world but also throughout Europe, Africa, and South America as well. Kurdistan has come to realize they can also enjoy internet gambling such as pay by mobile slots and other types of online slots. Pay by mobile slots, in particular, can help a stressed-out Kurdistani national to vent and to enjoy the rush without having to worry about doing something illegal.