ngos in iraqi kurdistan rights of syrian refugees guaranteed


NGOs in Iraqi Kurdistan.. rights of Syrian refugees guaranteed

Syrian refugee children in Domiz Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan, May 28. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Members of the Kurdish civil society organization of Nerin (vision) in Iraqi Kurdistan held a meeting on Friday with members of the Habitat organization (concerned with housing and civil rights in the Kurdistan Region). During the meeting, directory of Habitat reassured members of Nerin (Syrian Kurdish organization) to make efforts in order to facilitate the situation of Syrian refugees based in rental houses in the city of Miserik in Duhok province, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Ali Kocher, head of Nerin organization, stated to ARA News: “Members of Habitant are responsive and keen to help Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan, especially those have rented houses and cannot afford increasing life expenses. We (Nerin organization) are trying to convey the shortages and needs of Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region to NGOs and gain support for the sake of improving the conditions of those refugees.”

According to Kocher, Habitat organization promised to equip the houses rented by Syrians in Miserik and other cities of Iraqi Kurdistan, “especially families who are in urgent need and obliged to live in cities instead of camps”.

“The organization will also provide legal support to the refugees concerning the rental contracts to guarantee that owners of these houses will not raise the rents for refugee families,” Kocher added.

“Habitat” is a nongovernmental civil organization run by newly graduated engineers from the Iraqi Kurdistan universities.


Reporting by Azad Jemkari

Source: ARA News


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