pmu official denies tensions between shia forces and kurdish peshmerga


PMU official denies tensions between Shia forces and Kurdish Peshmerga


Kurdish Peshmerga forces at the battlefront in northern Iraq. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

The spokesperson of the Shia paramilitary Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), Karim Nouri, has denied reports about tensions between the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the PMU.

In mid May, the PMU forces launched an operation towards the Syrian border in southern Sinjar, in northwestern Iraq. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) reportedly said that this operation was not in coordination with the Peshmerga forces.

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Nouri said: “This is the operation to take Qayrawan near the Syrian border [from ISIS] . If we get to the Sinjar area, there will be coordination [with the KRG], but in Qayrawan and in Ba’aj this doesn’t need coordination.”

“The Peshmerga and the Hasdh (PMU) are on the same road to fight ISIS. There is no difference nor any problem, because we are combatting the same enemy [ISIS],” he said.

Furthermore, the PMU spokesman denied there was any plan for an Iranian corridor towards Syria.

“Iran is very far from Iraq, and this statement is not right. This is just propaganda to blacken the Mosul operation. This is a wrong statement, and an interference in Iraqi internal affairs,” he told ARA News.

The PMU spokesman further added there is no coordination between the PMU and the US-led coalition, although the US-led coalition’s forces have carried out air strikes in Tal Afar–where the PMU is highly active. “All of our coordination is with the Iraqi government,” he said.

“There is no coordination between us and the US, but the Iraqi government has coordination with them,” Nouri told ARA News.

“There are air strikes, but we only have support from the Iraqi government who support us with air strikes,” he said.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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