pyd says kurds determined to expel turkish forces from northern syria


PYD says Kurds determined to expel Turkish forces from northern Syria


PYD leader Salih Muslim (c) speaking to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Kobane. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) said they will expel the Turkish military and Turkey-backed groups from northern Syria. This comes after Turkey threatened to attack The Kurdish district of Afrin (Efrîn) northwest of Aleppo.

“We at the general council of the PYD condemn and denounce the bombing of the Turkish occupation and its mercenary forces to the areas of Afrin and al-Shahba [northern Aleppo] and consider this an attack on the entire Kurdish people and Syrian people as a whole,” the PYD said.

“We assure our people in Rojava and northern Syria that will not spare any effort until the Turkish occupation failed and its even expelled from all the areas it’s occupied,” the Kurdish party said in a statement on Thursday.

The PYD called on all Syrian parties, including the Kurdish National Council (KNC), to unite and oppose the Turkish intervention, accusing the KNC of ‘treachery’.  The PYD said that one of their main goals is to unite the Kurdish parties.

“At the same time, everyone is witnessing an intensive diplomatic move by the KNK [Kurdistan National Congress] to prepare for a national consultative meeting to be held in Sulaymaniyah this mid-month, and also advised by the friends of the people of Kurdistan to the necessity of achieving national unity in the Kurdish society and support the national gains and democracy and  completion of the Kurdish national agenda which would ensure a democratic and stable Middle East,” the PYD said.

The Barzani-backed Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) on Tuesday condemned the Turkish threat to Afrin district in northwestern Aleppo, and called on the Kurdish government in Iraq to stop the Turkish attack on Afrin.

“We at the Kurdish National Council (KNC), while we support any effort to combat extremism and terrorism in all its forms and names, we believe that such actions will not serve international efforts to combat it and will hinder efforts to eliminate terrorism,” the KNC said, calling for dialogue.

On Tuesday, Abdulkarim Omer, who administers Cezire’s foreign relations, led a delegation from the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) to the KNC to invite them for a consultative meeting in Slemani.

However, the KNC told the delegation that they will not participate, unless KNC members are released from Rojava prisons and KNC offices reopened.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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