sdf official says us military support needed to defeat isis in syria


SDF official says US military support needed to defeat ISIS in Syria

SDF spokesman Talal Silo speaking to ARA News in eastern Raqqa

ARA News

Raqqa – The US-led coalition’s military support to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is very important to defeat ISIS in its de facto capital of Raqqa, and SDF official said on Monday.

Talal Silo, Official Spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces, told ARA News that the new Trump Administration has recently provided them with heavy weapons in support of the Raqqa campaign.

“We have recently received advanced weapons from the United States. The new US administration, under President Trump, has provided the SDF with 10 armoured vehicles,” Silo said.

“Although the equipment we have is not enough, but it’s a good start of cooperation with the new Trump Administration,” the SDF spokesman said in an exclusive interview with ARA News.

“The former Obama administration had delivered light and medium weapons and ammunition to the Syrian Democratic Forces in the fight against ISIS in Syria. This is the first time for the United States to provide us with heavy weapons, which is a great step,” Silo said.

The official stressed the importance of the ongoing Euphrates Wrath Operation for Raqqa, and the necessity of being fully equipped in order to guarantee a total ISIS defeat.

“We have earlier demanded the US-led coalition to increase its military support to our forces with the launch of the Raqqa campaign. Raqqa is the capital of the Islamic State, so this is one of the most important operations for us and the coalition,” he said.

“Thus all necessary equipment should be available in order to guarantee a total defeat of the ISIS terrorist group,” Silo told ARA News.

“We hope that the new US administration would continue to provide military support to our forces. Defeating ISIS is demanded by the locals as well as the international community,” the SDF spokesman said, adding:

“This will require full cooperation between our troops and the coalition forces. Delivering the needed weapons to the SDF would help accelerate the fall of Raqqa and the defeat of ISIS.”

Reporting by: Heysem Haci | Source: ARA News 

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