syria children drawing hopes


Syria children drawing aspirations


Children of Amude drawing during the workshop. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Amude, Syria Amude Assembly for Kurdish Women “Gulshina” held on Tuesday a workshop for painting-talented children in the city of Amude, northeast of Syria.

Many painting-interested children attended the workshop to participate in its activities, which took place in Yekiti Center in central Amude.

The children drew what they felt, away from any directions. Current circumstances in Syria were reflected in their drawings.

One of the children drew the Kurdish flag and wrote “Bashar Leave”. Another child drew six graves representing “Amude massacre” (which took place in summer of 2013 when Assayish security forces opened fire against anti-Assad demonstrators in the city).

However, the beauty of life was also present in the cartoon characters and nature landscapes drawn by some other children.

One of the talented children told ARA News “we came here to express our hopes and ambitions by drawing”.

Speaking to ARA News, Manal al-Huseini, the head of Gulshina Assembly, said: “By holding such workshops, we aim to improve children’s capacities at drawing, beside reviving civic environment in the area where people are tired of war.”

Gulshina Assembly is one of the active groups in Amude city concerning childhood. It holds periodical activities for children. It is also concerned with training and educating women.


Reporting by: Ferman Hussen

Source: ARA News

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