syrian kurdish artist in exile colors reflecting revolution


Syrian Kurdish artist in exile: Colors reflecting revolution



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His paintings attracted the attention of many over the 26-month-old crisis in Syria, and the colors he uses seemingly expressed the suffering of millions while depicting remarkable moments through an endless journey of resistance against suppression and despotism.

Delawer Omar is a Syrian painter. The twenty-seven-year old painter was born in Damascus and is based currently in exile in Switzerland for more than ten years.

“Even though I live in Switzerland since more than a decade, being away so far was only a matter of geographical distance for the long term of passion, and my dreams about my homeland remain alive, as I am used to open my eyes every morning with an aspiration of freedom”, Omar said.

“My father has spent years in the prisons of the Syrian regime, paying the price of his defense of human rights, especially the rights of the Kurdish people as the Syrian regime has constantly deprived them of the most basic human rights, but that has never been a weird practice by this oppressive regime,” He added. “So, I found myself drifting to the world an art that may express the momentum of all those sensations.”

On the relationship between art and revolution with respect to Syria, Omar said: “I believe that art, being a way of expressing thoughts and feelings, can gently convey messages on sensitive issues. I grew up with an innate talent to make a beautiful dream out of my paintings to reach the hearts of all people and share their dreams, especially those looking for the warmth of a lost homeland.”

“For me, drawing is a revolution in itself, revolution for the rights and honesty that is away from hypocrisy and opportunism that are remarkably rising all around us,” he added.

On his satisfaction with his works, Omar said: “revolution has influenced me and changed me remarkably from within!”

“The Syrian people are exposed to the most extreme kinds of injustice and violation every day. Unfortunately, the continuously committed massacres did not awaken the conscience of the international community that has constantly claimed to support democracy and human rights,” Omar expressed his concerns. “The Syrian Revolution revealed the true face of the world, and I’m trying to convey the voice of the Syrian people to the world.”

Omar argued that his art is meant to reveal the deep suffering of the civilians across Syria.

“I believe that those people who started their uprising by carrying flowers to send a message of peace and love to reach the shore of freedom in a peaceful manner will get their freedom in the end and will change many prevalent concepts in the region.” Omar stressed. “History will teach that there are people who defended themselves and achieved the goals for which they revolted, including equality and justice,” he optimistically said.

‘A face from my homeland’ is the name of the first painting drawn by Delawer Omar for the Syrian revolution, “waiting for the most beautiful face of my homeland, ‘the face of freedom’,” he added.

The Syrian Kurdish artist and son of Derik (a Kurdish city located in northeastern Syria, where Omar’s parents were born) assured that he will continue his career and expand the range of his exhibitions to reach the largest audience in different areas of the world.

Omar said that he will participate in a forthcoming exhibition in France, sponsored basically by the French government with a participation of a number of other Kurdish artists. Omar dreams of returning home to organize exhibitions inside Syria and narrate through his works a “story of an exhausted homeland”.

Interview by: Rana Talo

All paintings are taken from Delawer Omar’s Facebook page after his permission.

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid)


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