syrian kurdish official says kurds will resist turkeys aggression against rojava


Syrian Kurdish official says Kurds will resist Turkey’s aggression against Rojava


Kurdish forces of the YPG in a military camp in Afrin, northern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Aldar Xelil, a senior official of the Kurdish Democratic Society Movement in Syria (TEV-DEM), said on Saturday that Turkey wants to prevent the fall of ISIS, and that the Kurdish people will resist any attempt to attack Afrin district in northwestern Syria.

Turkish officials have said last week that they want to ‘clear out Afrin from terrorists’ and ‘free’ the border from terrorist organisations, in reference to the Kurdish people’s Protection Units (YPG).

Senior Kurdish officials, however, have said that the Turkish plan is to prevent the liberation of Raqqa by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and have called on the international community to prevent Turkish attacks on Rojava-Northern Syria.

“Turkey’s reckless behavior and attempts to carry out attacks against our people, particularly in Afrin, are aimed at preventing the death of Daesh [ISIS] project ,” Xelil said.

“And aimed to obstruct efforts to expand the democratic project. Our people have adopted a peaceful approach to self defense as a fundamental principle of their revolution,” Xelil said.

“Sadly, some international parties are cooperating with Turkey, and their failure to prevent Turkey’s behavior is not in the interest of a national solution for Syria and the Syrian people,” the Kurdish official said.

“Therefore, the active international parties are called upon to intervene and to put pressure on Turkey to prevent it from militarizing this situation,” he said.

However, Xelil said if the international community does not prevent a Turkish attack on Afrin, the local people will have only the choice to resist Turkish attacks.

“Continued acts of aggression by Turkey will force our people to choose resistance,” he said. “Turkey’s aggressive actions are aimed to disrupt the efforts of the Syrian people to build their own free future.”

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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