syrian kurds form new political alliance call for federalism as solution to ongoing civil war


Syrian Kurds form new political alliance, call for federalism as solution to ongoing civil war


Spokesman of the Kurdish National Alliance in Syria's Amude reads the statement of announcing the formation of the new joint umbrella that includes five Kurdish political parties. The new body considered federalism as the best solution to the Syrian civil war. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

AMUDE – A group of Kurdish political parties on Saturday announced the formation of a joint umbrella under the banner “Kurdish National Alliance in Syria”. 

The announcement came after days of negotiations between five Kurdish parties in Amude city, northeastern Syria.

The new Kurdish alliance has emphasized the importance of the Auto-Administration that has been running Syria’s Kurdish region, aka Rojava, for more than two years. The Kurdish National Alliance in Syria called on all parties in the region to support the Auto-Administration and its efforts in maintaining civil peace.

Speaking to ARA News in Amude, leading member of the new alliance, Nasrudding Ibrahim, said: “We believe that the Auto-Administration is very important to run this region amid the ongoing war and we should contribute to the improvement of the services this administration provides to the people.”

“Our alliance supports any effort to preserve civil peace in Rojava, and the Auto-Administration has worked hard over the last few years to neutralize those areas from the devastating Syrian war,” he said. 

The Kurdish National Alliance in Syria has further considered federalism as the best option for Syria’s future, considering the establishment of a federal state in Syria would guarantee a peaceful solution to the ongoing civil war.

Mustafa Mashayikh, spokesman for the Kurdish National Alliance in Syria, told ARA News: “The main objective of establishing this new Kurdish political body is to stress the necessity of unifying the Kurdish ranks in the face of the current challenges.”

“The social coexistence in Syria is at risk after five years of devastating civil war. Rojava has given a good example for the maintenance of civil peace, and we believe by establishing a federal state in Syria we could avoid any future clashes between the different social components as every group would be fairly represented in a federal system,” Mashayikh said.

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh 

Source: ARA News 

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