syrian kurds hold meeting unify ranks


Syrian Kurds hold meeting to close ranks


Supporters of the Kurdish National Council (KNC). File photo

ARA News

A conference was held on Tuesday, bringing together leaders from the Kurdish National Council (KNC), the Kurdish Women’s Union (KWU) and the self-administration in Cezire Canton. The participants aimed to form a united front, which could be formalized in a new Kurdish congress.

Abdulkarim Omer, who administers Cezire’s foreign relations, led a delegation from the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK).

The KNK delegates included Nasr Eddin Ibrahim, Abeer Hassaf, Luqman Ahmi, and Talal Mohammed. Their KNC counterparts were Fasla Yusuf, Mahmoud Mullah, and Khalil Hossam.

During the conference, the KNK extended an invitation for the KNC to participate in a second consultative meeting, which would be tentatively held on July 15-16.

However, the KNC’s deputy-leader rejected the proposal, explaining that his party could not participate in another meeting while its members were being detained by the Asayish and their offices were being shuttered.

In spite of this rebuttal, Omer remained upbeat, saying that “the time had come for the Kurdish people to unite in their ranks, and [address our] difficulties and the gains achieved by the Kurdish forces.”

The KNK has been holding meetings with other Syrian Kurdish parties, including the Leftist Gathering, the Kurdish National Alliance and the Progressive Kurdish Democratic Party.

From 2012 to 2014, President Masoud Barzani mediated three power-sharing agreements between the KNC and the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

However, none of the agreements were implemented, eventually lapsed and have since been superseded by the establishment of Northern Syria–Rojava.

Speaking to ARA News after the conference broke up, Abdulkarim Omer said that a system to resolve Kurdish rivalries was both possible and necessary. “We Kurds need a national congress for all of Kurdistan, so we can solve our internal problems,” he explained.

“The atmosphere of the meeting was very positive,” the KNK leader continued. “We’ve heard the requests from the Kurdish National Council, and we will raise them with the leadership of the Kurdistan National Congress.”

“We have problems with the KNC and there are also problems between Gorran and the KDP, the PKK and the KDP,” Omer concluded. “If we have a congress we can solve all of these problems.”

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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