syrian kurds worry russia assad made deal turkey rojava


Syrian Kurds worry Russia, Assad made deal with Turkey against Rojava


People of Sere kaniye in Syria's Hasakah province bidding farewell to Kurdish YPG fighters killed in clashes with ISIS. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Syrian Kurdish officials have expressed worries that the Turkish army will attack either Afrin or Til Rifaat in northern Syria with silent support from the Syrian government and Russia. They are calling on the international community to save Afrin that hosts thousands of IDPs.

“The people are afraid of a huge attack from Turkey and the Syrian Islamists on Afrin and the Shahba region with support from Russia, the Syrian regime and Iran,” Dr Kamal Sido, a consultant for ‘the Society for Threatened Peoples’ (STP), told ARA News.

“The occupation of the Shahba [northern Aleppo] by Turkey could worsen the humanitarian situation in Efrin [Afrin]. The United States should not stay neutral. US president Trump should support the people in Efrin,” he added.

Jihad Abdo, a local journalist in Afrin, told ARA News that there is currently an ‘embargo’ on Afrin district by Turkey, the Syrian rebels, the Syrian government and al-Qaida. “All roads leading to Afrin are blocked,” he said.

Although the Syrian government and Russia may not directly support the Turkish offensive, the Syrian Kurds are worried that Russia could allow Turkey to attack the Kurds in Afrin, after clashes between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the pro-Syrian government forces near Raqqa last week.

Moreover, the US-led coalition downed a Syrian jet last week.

“SAA [Syrian Arab Army] and Russia won’t intervene between Kurds and Turkey. Kurds are aligning themselves with USA and Russia allies won’t allow a Kurdish state or federalism,” Elijah J. Magnier, Al Rai Chief International and veteran War correspondent, said on Twitter.

The pro-SDF news agency Firat News (ANF) reported that local people think there is a secret agreement between Turkey, Syria and Russia, just as there was before the fall of Aleppo and the launch of the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield operation.

“The people of Efrîn and Shehba declared that they won’t allow Russia in their territory if they partake in these attacks by staying silent,” ANF said.

In the past, Russia has defended the Syrian Kurds in Afrin from attacks by Turkish-backed rebels.

The co-head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Musim, has warned about an Iranian-Qatari-Turkish alliance to undermine the Kurds in Rojava-Northern Syria.

“We have no relations with Iran, and Iran’s policy is no different from that of the Syrian regime on the Kurdish issue, which is hostile to the Kurds’ fundamental rights,” he told the Saudi Riyadh news site.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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