To protect children against psychological impacts caused by Syria war


Syria children suffer the most under the war conditions. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria –  The Association of Women’s Solidarity of Kurdistan in Syria held earlier this week an entertaining ceremony for children “to get them out of the tragic atmosphere they live due to the Syrian crisis”.

The ceremony included activities, quizzes and talent shows for the participating children.

Arya M., member of the Association, delivered a speech emphasizing “women’s role in raising the children’s awareness”.

Speaking to ARA News about the activity, Fatima Shiwesh, a member of the Association of Women’s Solidarity of Kurdistan, said: “This ceremony mitigates the pain of our children.”

“We believe that our children suffer the most under the conditions of the ongoing war. Thus, we organized this activity as a start of a broader campaign to help children celebrate childhood away from the war conditions,” Shiwesh said. “It is an initiation to rescue our children from the psychological impacts caused by the pressures of the current situation in Syria.”

The reports of the international civic organizations point out that many Syrian children either lost their lives or suffer today from psychological trauma due to “the ongoing war between the regime forces and the armed opposition”.


Reporting by Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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