transitional justice syrian activists hold workshop in hasakah


Transitional justice.. Syrian activists hold workshop in Hasakah


Syrian refugee children in a camp in southern Turkey. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – The Ta’akhi Center for Democracy and Civil Society in the city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, held a training workshop this week on transitional justice. Conducted under the supervision of legal activist Mohammed Abtan with participation of trainees several local organizations, it included the Kurdish Writers Union, the Women’s Union of Kurdistan – Syria and the Democratic Youth and Students in Rojava.

The workshop focused on the expansion of some of the concepts and ideas associated with the mechanisms of transitional justice through legal and social commissions, with the ultimate aim at prosecuting those involved in war crimes and encouraging the reformation of public institutions. 

The participants discussed the ideas about how to achieve the political will, the enforcement of law and the establishment of specialized courts.  

Two films were displayed in the workshop: one of which was on transitional justice in general and the other one was on how to apply it specifically to the four-year crisis of Syria.

Speaking to ARA News, the workshop instructor and coordinator of the Ta’akhi office in Hasakah, Mohammed Abtan, said: “We held this workshop with the attendance of a group of activists, to raise the awareness of transitional justice, focusing on the difference between justice and transitional justice. These are urgently needed for the future of our society in Syria, especially during the phase of transition from war and destruction to peace, security and democracy.”

“On the second day of the workshop, we divided the participants into groups that have studied the experiences of some countries such as Argentina, Thailand, Morocco and South Africa to discuss them extensively,” Abtan added.

The Kurdish areas in Syria saw the emergence of dozens of civil society organizations throughout the years of war, with an objective of promoting peaceful coexistence among the social components in the region in order to overcome the serious consequences of war.


Reporting by: Aynur Mohammad

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