trump bans kurds entering united states


Trump Bans Kurds From Entering the United States


US President Donald Trump. File photo

Today President Donald Trump, in a step towards realizing his promise of a complete Muslim ban in the United States, proposed an indiscriminate ban on visas for citizens of multiple countries including Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Although these countries are controlled by governments that are hostile towards the United States, they have large Kurdish populations who are not affiliated with those regimes.

And what President Trump’s visa ban means is that he does not distinguish between the Kurds, who have always allied with the United States, and the Iranian Shia regime or Daesh or Assad’s Ba’ath regime or even Al Qaeda fighters.

To President Trump and his advisors, many of whom describe themselves as anti-muslims, the Kurdish identity and aspirations are irrelevant because some Kurds happen to be Muslims.

A brushstroke approach towards different Middle Eastern ethnicities and political organizations is the worst case scenario for the Kurds not seen since the Henry Kissinger era.

If you recall, the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger promised to support and even encouraged Kurdish rebellions against Saddam and Shah of Iran only to later withdraw American support and leave them for dead and surrounded by enemies.

“Promise them anything, give them what they get, and fuck them if they can’t take a joke.” – Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to a staff member regarding the Kurds in 1975

Given that President Trump’s policy does not make any exceptions for the Kurdish population living in those countries, it is difficult to see why he would continue the military and political support that President Obama provided for the KRG or YPG.

After all, on many occasions President Trump has told the world that he would like to let Russia be in charge in of Middle Eastern affairs.

By: Ahmar Davan | ARA News 

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