un prosecutor resigns inaction syrias war crimes


UN prosecutor resigns over inaction on Syria’s war crimes

Carla Del Ponte (L). File photo

Carla Del Ponte, the United Nations war crimes prosecutor probing human rights abuses in Syria, has resigned saying “we are powerless” and “everyone in Syria is on the bad side”.

Del Ponte said she was quitting the three-member commission investigating war crimes in war-torn Syria because it “does absolutely nothing”.

She further accused members of the Security Council of “not wanting to establish justice” in Syria.

“I have no power [as a prosecutor] as long as the Security Council does nothing. We are powerless, there is no justice for Syria,” she stated when announcing her resignation.

Del Ponte accused the Syrian government of perpetrating terrible crimes against humanity and using chemical weapons, and argued the opposition was “now made up only of extremists and terrorists”.

“We thought the international community had learned from Rwanda,” she said.

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