war and peace kurdish artists launch exhibition


War and Peace: Kurdish artists launch exhibition


ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Under the banner of “War and Peace” and under the sponsorship of the Foundation of Kurdistani Women’s Union, an art exhibition was launched on Sunday in the city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria. 

The exhibition, which continues for one week, includes paintings, and sculptures of gypsum and wood by three Kurdish artists. 

Sherin Qasim, one of the artists whose works were presented during the exhibition, told ARA News that the exhibition reflects the sufferings of Syrians under war conditions. 

“The limitlessly painful consequences of war are demonstrated through our paintings and sculptures,” Qasim said. 

“Amid the severe shortage of basic living supplies caused by the devastating war, people are obliged to resort to primitive methods in order to survive. This is one of the main topics tackled in the artistic works of this exhibition.” 

However, the exhibition isn’t limited to works reflecting people’s sufferings, as some works emphasize the spirit of resistance across the region.

One of the paintings shows a Syrian boy walking through devastated streets and houses, ” as if saying life will continue despite destruction and violence,” according to Media Osman, another artist whose paintings cover the walls of the exhibition. 

“I try to overcome the war’s hardships –which I experience on a daily basis– through stressing the aspect of resistance among our people. Wars have never lasted forever, and art is responsible for emphasizing the strength of people in such situations,” she told ARA News.

On the other hand, Mizgin Ibraham, the third participant in the exhibition, has chosen the topic of the role of women in her sculptures.

“The woman is my main focus,” she told ARA News. “She is the guarantee of civil peace. She is the main activist who aspires for peaceful coexistence and makes efforts to revive civil society. This has been evident during the four-year-war in Syria.” 

“A society cannot survive without women’s active roles at different levels, and I try to project this notion through my sculptures,” Ibraham said. 


Reporting by: Aynur Ali 

Source: ARA News

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