yezidi tragedy remembered in art exhibition in germany


Yezidi tragedy remembered in art exhibition in Germany


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COLOGNE – “When I paint, I feel as an abductee, a hungry child, an elderly man in a deserted village, or a woman who has been raped and screaming for her freedom,” said Yezidi painter Qassim Sharqi, who has launched an exhibition in the German city of Bocholt under the banner “Hope” with a collection of paintings that mainly reflect the tragedy of the Yezidi community under brutal suppression by militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) in northern Iraq.

“Thousands of Kurdish Yezidis have been killed, raped and kidnapped by ISIS extremists, others fled to the mountains. Many Yezidis suffer trauma after the ISIS-led attack on Shingal region in northern Iraq. The jihadists have committed some of the most heinous crimes against the Yezidi minority group,” Sharqi described his people’s tragedy in an interview with ARA News.

Yezidis Combat ISIS with Gun and Art

Hundreds of Yezidi young men headed to the battlefield in Shingal to combat ISIS militants. 

“I have tried to show my solidarity with my people by reflecting their tragedy through organizing a series of exhibitions in diaspora,” Sharqi said. “The bravery of our young fighters was also represented in my exhibitions.” 

“All my paintings deal with the Yezidi crisis in an attempt to remind the world with the suffering of this peaceful community under the atrocities of the most brutal group throughout history,” the Yezidi painter told ARA News. 

Acts of killing, captivity, rape, displacement and starvation overshadow Sharqi’s paintings.

“ISIS nightmare is represented through gloomy colors.”  

“Each painting tells a story, and every story explains a horrible experience in the most catastrophic phase of the Yezidi history,” Sharqi said.

Western Solidarity  

The Kurdish Yezidi artist plans to continue holding exhibitions “as long as the Yezidi tragedy continues”. 

“People in the western world have watched my paintings and expressed sympathy with the Yezidi cause. I will keep trying to convey the Yezidis’ message to the international community through my works.”

Interview by: Ali Isso

Source: ARA News

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  1. Tyler Fisher says:

    Qassim’s efforts are crucial! Art and faith are keeping Yazidis resilient in the midst of atrocities:

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