young activists in northern syria praise role of transparency in media


Young activists in northern Syria praise role of transparency in media


ARA News

Qamishlo, Syria– Among the various civil activities and events organized by the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK), the “Kocherat Assembly” of the movement held a workshop earlier this week entitled “Media and Society” in al-Tabqa village in Kocherat area in the countryside of Derik city, northeast of Syria.

Samia Lawand, a journalist and one of the workshop’s organizers, praised the role of media and media workers and highlighted the importance of neutrality and transparency in news delivery, away from any political affiliation.

Lawand also talked to the participants about the positive and negative role of media as well as its impact on the political, social and civil society, exemplifying how media can be used in a partial way to create commotion among the different societal factions “to serve political agendas”.

Speaking to ARA News, Lawand said that the purpose of holding such an activity in Kocherat area is because the residents of this area suffer from “prevalence of rumors and false news by anonymous media activists”.

From the media workshop in Kocherat area, northeast of Syria. Photo: ARA News

“We also aim to encourage the neutral media in such high-tension area where any incorrect news may lead to disorder, especially among the illiterate class there,” Lawand told ARA News.

Ma’rouf Sharif, the head of media office in the Kurdish Youth Assembly, talked to ARA News about the declining number of media workshops abroad as well as ignoring the Kurdish regions, concerning training their media activists. He also talked about their office work, saying: “In the Movement’s media office, we qualified trainers in media and information security fields and started our training workshops as a commencement to our broader project; the establishment of media training center”.

Sharif mentioned some of the activities embodied in their training plans such as preparing news and reportages as well as TV and radio reports. “We intend to hold lectures on the importance of transparent media in our war-torn country.”

The Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) have previously held a number of workshops for media activists in Syrian northern cities of Kobane, Qamishli and Derik.
Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News

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