assad regime official responds kurdish declaration federalism syria indivisible


Assad regime official responds to Kurdish declaration of federalism: Syria is indivisible


Syrian MP Sharif Shihada. File photo

ARA News

QAMISHLI – On March 21, 2016, the local Kurdish administrations linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) held a meeting to declare a local federal state in the northern and northeastern areas of Syriaــwhere Kurds constitute a majority. However, neither the regime nor opposition have a positive position towards the Kurdish national rights, according to Kurdish analysts.

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Sharif Shihada, Syrian MP and one of the most popular defenders of president Bashar al-Assad, talked about the Kurdish aspirations for a federal state in Syria, expressing the view of the regime on this issue.

“By declaring the federal system in the areas northern Syria, the Kurds are dragging themselves to deep and endless consequences, as the Syrian Arab Republic is a unified land that is indivisible,” the Syrian MP stressed.

He pointed out that there is nothing in Syria that is called mini-states or federations; “there is only a country called the Syrian Arab Republicــ where various communities, peoples, doctrines and ethnicities live together as one family.”

“First of all, Syrian people are the only party to decide the regime’s system in the country and this must be prepared in a formal and thoughtful referendum,” he argued. 

Shihada emphasized: “If we discuss ‘any issue’ in Syria, we must go back to the Syrian people, and we hereby stress that the unity of Syria is indivisible; it’s not a subject to debate.” 

“Kurds are our siblings and essential part of Syria’s social fabric. We respect the Kurdish people. They are an integral part of this region,” the Syrian regime official told ARA News. “The Kurdish people in Syria enjoy all their rights, thus they should fulfill all their duties.” 

“Declaring federations or any kind of systems does not help to resolve any issue in Syria, it rather complicates matters. The Kurds, this way, are conducting themselves to endless problems,” the MP added. 

On the statements of Omar Osei, a Kurdish member of the government delegation to the Geneva talks, about the readiness of Bashar al-Assad to discuss the federalism with the Kurds, if united, Shihada said: “We respect the viewpoint of Mr. Osei, but we are talking in general about the Syrian people and government’s position.”

“As I said, Syria is a unified land that is indivisible, let alone it has no fertile ground for any federations or autonomous regions on its land,” he emphasized. 

According to the Syrian MP, this subject “is not resolved through the media; it should be presented to the government and specialized committees first, and then to the Syrian people who decide the shape of the state in a referendum.”

“The Syrian government will not allow any autonomous entity on the Syrian land. Syrian Arab Republic will never allow any faction to establish a federal system whether now or in the future.”

“This means that every component in Syria will have to demand a portion of the country, including Assyrians, Turkmen, Alawites, and the Druze and so on. We will definitely enter in a maze that has no end,” Syrian MP, Sharif Shihada, concluded. 

“The place of the Kurds is inside Syria, and everybody should understand that division will lead to unforgivable consequences.” 

Interview by: Ahmad Shiwesh

Source: ARA News

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