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The head of the Syrian Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and Opposition, Ahmad al-Jarba, rejected the use of the term of “Syrian Kurdistan” in his country, stressing that “there is no particular Kurdish region in Syria”. 

In an interview with the London-based Al-Hayat, al-Jarba said that Syria is not Iraqi Kurdistan or Iranian Kurdistan, pointing out that the situation in Syria is “quite different” from the situation in Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

Jarba added that there is no Kurdish area ​​ in Syria, “but there is a considerable social mix of all Syrian components”. He that he knows the Kurds very well, and recognizes their culture, stressing that the Kurds in Syria do not have tendencies towards separation. 

“The Kurds in Syria know very well that Syria is not Iraqi Kurdistan or Iranian Kurdistan. Syria’s question is quite different from the Iraqi or Iranian or Turkish one,” al-Jarba argued. “There is no Kurdish region, but a combination of all Syrian spectra, and the relations between Kurds, Arabs and Christians is a very good and close one.”

Al-Jarba continued: “I think there are sides within the regime and Iran intend to cause a problem out of the Kurdish issue in Syria, but we all know that there is no real problem with the Kurdish people in Syria. The Kurds are our brothers, and we have a very good relation with them. They will even join the coalition soon.” 

In response to the demands of building a federal Syrian state, al-Jarba explained that the subject of federalism is debatable. 

“All doors are open. In fact, the Kurds do not have a separation agenda. When the Baath Party was ruling Syria as using loose slogans, the Kurds were persecuted in its reign. However, now there is no room left for the persecution of the Kurds or any other components in Syria. Now, Syria is for all its Kurds, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Shiites, Durouz, Alawis, and Turkmen,” he concluded. 


Source: ARA News


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